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No tech experience? No problem. Collaborate with designers, developers, and strategists to build your app. Beat the competition.


Appetiser is ranked #4 in the world for app design. There’s no other Australian company in the top 100. Design for your success!


Your journey doesn’t end on launch day. We’ve grown apps from 0 to multi-million dollar revenue-generating companies. And our portfolio has over 10 million users!

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Client Success Stories

Appetiser clients have beaten Nike on the app store, dominated the American market, and partnered with the F1. Now it’s your turn.

Whether it’s iOS, Android, or web applications, we specialise in developing apps for a diverse range of industries including construction, trades, fitness, food, eCommerce, dating, property, social media, and beyond. Contact us for examples and more information.

Rapid Agile Development

App development that takes too long means less time for growth. Take advantage of our in-house engineered Appetiser Baseplate™ and step-by-step agile method to build your idea into a quality app in as little as 3 months. Enjoy tangible progress every single week!

Proactive Communication

Success depends on effective communication with your app development team. Partner with Appetiser and collaborate directly with your developers and designers. The app we create together is yours.

Proven Innovation

Appetiser is one of the few app development companies in Australia with a proven track record of innovation and success. This quality means you can be confident your app is built right from day one.

We created technology valued at $17,000,000 by Telstra.

This world-first technology was granted a patent within the US & Australia.

Build and Grow

More than just app developers, we are your complete partner for growth. Currently, two of our clients have surpassed billion-dollar valuations, three are well on their way. Are you going to be Appetiser’s next success story?


Learn how Appetiser’s Youfoodz app earned a 4.8-star rating on the Apple App Store.

Clients Love Appetiser!

“The quality of the designs and end product are exceptional! Would highly recommend Appetiser and look forward to dealing with them on an ongoing basis.”

  • Tom FinneyDigital Marketing Manager

"My Appetiser team members are like rocket engineers, all of them are working hard and giving 100% to take us into space. Together, we will go very far and when people look at MyDeal in the future, we can all say 'we did that'."

  • Sean Senvirtne Founder

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Appetiser App Development Frequently Asked Questions

What is app development?

App development involves the creation of software applications for mobile devices or computers. Developers use programming languages and frameworks to design, code, and test applications, ensuring functionality and user experience. 

The process includes ideation, coding, debugging, and often collaboration with designers and product teams to bring a concept to a functional and user-friendly application. Successful app development requires a combination of technical expertise, creativity, and a thorough understanding of user needs.

Why is Appetiser a top app development agency?

Appetiser is an award-winning web and mobile app development company with a global presence across Melbourne, Sydney, New York, and Singapore. Across four continents, we have a team of 200+ experts passionate about helping our global customers build and grow successful apps. We’ve helped create some of the biggest mobile applications, including MyDeal and Youfoodz.

What types of apps does Appetiser build?

Mobile apps. These apps are made for mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches. The devices typically run Android or iOS.

iOS apps. These are apps built specifically for iOS devices, such as iPhones, Apple Watch, and iPads. iOS apps must ensure compatibility with the Apple ecosystem and adhere to standards set by the Apple Developer Program.

Android apps. These are mobile apps created specifically for Android devices, such as Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy.

Web apps. Web apps are software that users can access through the internet without being installed on a computer or mobile device. A web app is a website with custom functionality.

Custom apps. Custom mobile or web app development involves crafting tailored software solutions to address specific business needs, enhancing efficiency, productivity, and user satisfaction through unique features designed for precise alignment with business goals.

Hybrid apps. These mobile apps function across multiple platforms and can be found on Google Play for Android and on the iOS App Store.

Native apps. A native app is an app developed specifically for one specific operating system, often iOS or Android. Native apps are developed the way Apple and Google develop their own apps and are maximised for compatibility and stability.

What web or mobile technology does Appetiser use to build apps?

We use Swift (iOS), Kotlin (Android), and React Native for mobile app development. For web development, we use Laravel (PHP) and Vue.JS. These technologies are among the most stable and supported in the world.

Why should I choose Appetiser over other app development companies?

When you judge app development companies, you want to judge their portfolio. We have a dozen companies that went from 0 to over 100 million in revenue, and we have helped larger enterprises 10x their revenue through technology. Rather than hoping that you will be someone’s first real success story, you should pick an app development company that has created results.

We create repeatable success by hiring the best mobile app developers, web developers, and app designers in the world. We then use all the app development data across our client range to repeat our custom success formula — and we can back this claim with proven success stories. In fact, we are more than happy to connect you with previous clients who have chosen us as their app developer if you’re looking for feedback.

How do you ensure alignment with your client's goals when you're building mobile apps?

You will have a direct line of communication with your mobile app development team. Depending on your app’s size and requirements, this usually includes at least one project manager working closely with your iOS or Android developers, a software tester, an app designer, and a product manager to achieve your goals.

Does Appetiser have developers outside Melbourne?

We’ve focused on hiring the top 1% of global engineering talent across five continents (Australia, North and South America, Asia, and Europe). Our elite roster of app developers includes former Samsung, Google, and Apple engineers. By running a powerhouse of global talent, with over a century of combined experience, Appetiser has gained recognition as the leading app developer in Australia.

How long does web and mobile app development take?

Your mobile and web development timeframe will vary greatly depending on many factors, including your app’s complexity.

We can provide you with an estimated timeline after thoughtfully scoping your web, iOS, or Android development project’s features and requirements. The rule of thumb is that the more complex your mobile or web app’s features, the longer the time of development.

Appetiser understands the importance of speed to market in the app industry. We have therefore developed exclusive Appetiser IP, enabling us to perform native app development twice as fast as any competitors we’ve come across.

This means our average project can be launched in less than 3 months of development.

Speed to market is among the many factors that set our web and mobile app development services apart.

How much does an app development project cost?

The cost of your app development project will depend on a range of factors, such as app complexity and number of features.

As a growth-focused app business, Appetiser enables our partners to bring their app ideas to life at a fraction of the cost of full development.

Our app development process always starts with the design stage, where we build you a functional and iterative prototype you can use to gain valuable market insights and funding. But we don’t stop here. Appetiser also helps individuals, startups, and businesses through coaching and mentoring to raise funding for their app design and development.

How important is design in app development?

Without thoughtful design considerations, your product can quickly become confusing for users and difficult for you to manage. Appetiser’s experienced web and mobile app designers know that taking the time to carefully plan each app’s design is well worth the effort in producing an effective and successful mobile application for you.

To thrive in this competitive industry, your app must offer a streamlined user experience, meet customer expectations, and make a memorable first impression. Making a standout design in web or mobile app development is important. In the past, Appetiser has doubled business revenue through industry-leading design.